anti-cult law

Muhammad Hussein Mokhtari, the chairman of Islamic religion university

This is an international rule; that is a wise, and accepted universal rule. Each tribe and cut having each kind of thought work against the accepted rules of that country is condemned. It isn’t merely related to the system of government of Islamic republic of Iran. Even in Europe and countries like England or Switzerland, there isn’t any report about the free activities of cults out of rule frameworks. This is an accepted issue because according to human being’s temperament, each kind of intellectual, religious activity in the form of a cult, gathering or association which is against the established rules of that country is bigoted.

According to me, it is so in Islamic republic of Iran and cults are active in the country which have endangered our public interests. More accurately, Most Iranian   people are Muslims and are obliged based on their heavenly book; that is, the holy Quran. If a person or people having each kind of thought in the form of cult or tribalism wants or want to act out of the country rules, he/she or they must be prevented.

Muhammad Mahdi Taskhiri, the chairman of the international center or religions and civilizations of Islamic communications and culture organization

Some people believe that anti-cult laws must be passed and conducted in order for us not to be afflicted by human right problems. In this regard, it should be said that it is no doubt that some movements are false and political and they attack the Islamic republic of Iran system of government due to their hidden aims by extensive proselytizing. So, we have to prioritize and exploit capabilities against the proselytizing attacks. Of course, we mustn’t ignore that the followers of the various religions and creeds in all countries must live comfortably unless they move against the system of Iranian government or have evil proselytizing which are confronted by all countries. In our responsibility area-dialogues among religions- we have rarely encountered human rights attacks because the leaders of various religions are aware of political dimensions and proselytizing of the issue. Of course, the human rights issues are being posed in these dialogues and some of them have emphasized on thought originality-whether in religion or a person’s though- and believed that human beings are free to select between these thoughts and various worldviews. We also offer a logical answer base on wisdom and religious law and collate when a thought is risky. Today even in the country of America [based on anti-sectarian law], the groups claiming for spirituality are strictly collated because they are aware of their negative consequences on the community.

Tribes, cults and religions are looked upon in rule framework; but the heavenly religious laws possess their special criterions. It is possible for interpreting this situation and representing it for the world to conduct through a clear method to show why this issue can’t be accepted. For instance; in many countries Baha’ism is considered as a religion and they aren’t aware of its antecedent, the method of forming and its relationships with the British Colonialism. It is interesting to be noted that this movement hasn’t been encountered to be prohibited due to obeying a special belief. The legal limitations exerted for it is due to their political disposition. According to me, Baha’ism should be assumed as an illegal movement in order not to be included as a religion. For this reason, a clear rule must be established based on the religious Islamic law including various problems and dimensions of the issue. Under such a rule, the cult’s method of pretending to oppressed will be blocked.

You can observe these days that the Zionists are pretending to be oppressed as if they have been tyrannized by the Arabs. Not long ago in on of meeting in Kyrgyzestan, an Israeli rabbi said: I survived out of a million kids killed by violence against Jewish in order to convey friendship and peace message to humanity. A person says so whose all existence as been ingrained with terrorism murder, killing and bloodshed; so should be wise and if we ban for a place, a person or a group, it must be established in law framework.

Regarding establishing law, some considerations must be considered: First, it should be mentioned clearly and frankly that the political anti-government movement will be encountered in the form of each cult or group. No group or minority will be deprived off its rights as long as it doesn’t do any action against the Iranian community. Of course; now, it is a routine in action; but it is shown diversely in the world. For example, it must be considered in the law that; according to us, the Baha’is in Iran are a political party contrary to other countries where they are assumed as a religion. Also, it must be specified in the law that movements like Baha’ism possess citizen rights as long as the don’t oppose the law.

Abedin Mo’meni, professor and researcher in the field of religious jurisprudence and Islamic laws:

It is clearly stated in jurisdiction procedure law that judge must deduce some cases out of religious jurisprudence. The judge can’t quite judging due to lack of a case in the law; but he/she must adduce valid legitimate judgment. Because the Islamic punishments or corroboration of cheat punishments or the like are being adduced, civil rights or civil law is being adduced for civil affairs. It isn’t problem if he/she adduces religious jurisprudence too or adduces valid legitimate judgments-defined or not. This strategy can provide the very legal position. Of course, the problem is that unfortunately most of our judges aren’t proficient on jurisprudence affairs and aren’t familiar with them. Of course, there are judges who are skillful in these issues but the first group is numerous. This issue has caused sensitivities. According to me, masters, elites and scientists must pose the relevant issues and passing anti cult laws in the form of a conference. Nowadays, NGOs and the like are being spoken. These foundations must pose such issues. Students must discuss scientifically about the possible areas of weakness or the lack of harmony between some cases and our time. Sod willing, the parliament passes it in favorable and usual conditions.

Hovick Behboo, a lawyer from Assyrian Christians community:

According to me, it isn’t needed for a law to be passed in Iran because our legal possessions have clarified the issue. We can’t give a person driving license and then oblige him/her no tot enter into no entry area! Our Constitution is explicit. In other passed laws, the legislator has exactly used the word “religious minorities” for each measures to be fulfilled. So, in the current crisis (the internal and international problems) and the current political circumstance, passing such law along with its sensitivities can have grave consequences internally and internationally. What is commanded by the current law is necessary to be performed. According to me; in the current situation, it isn’t necessary of our country. Other countries might possess the necessary capacities and fulfilled this measure in their crises during the time without considering the problems. However, this issue depends on our politicians in the parliament and if the representatives are contented to pass this law, they won’t naturally pay attention to my words!

Cultism is being smashed in China. In America, some issues such as Satanism is being smashed. However, is it necessary for our country to pass and emphasis over an emphatic one? Both law and religious jurisprudence have clarified our duties. What is stated by punishment law concerning cultism issues is clear and certain. Passing other laws to smash it causes sedition.

Farhad Aframiyan, the Jewish lawyer:

In the principle 13 of the Constitution, the know minorities have been specified. Well; maybe, cultism will be specified: what is a cult? Undoubtedly, establishing a law in this regard helps the issue and duties for addressed people and the system of government provides a coherent structure. When we define a border and a framework for cultism, we can preserve people and groups out of its dangers. If there isn’t any law against these movements, human right assemblies and the like can react; but when there is a framework for it in the law, the duty is clear; first, there is a definition of cultism and; second, its function limitations concerning being a crime are clears. Of course, this note is worthy to be mentioned that this is not merely adequate; but the general thought must be increased to figure out this issue. As long as there isn’t necessary awareness, this issue will be used as an attack against people themselves. When we want to establish this problem as a problem, it needs its special elegance and naturalization in order to be in conformity with secular laws of community and to be influential. According to me, the religious minorities have been damaged by cultism and its various kinds. The clarification of this issue will save them out of these harms.