Cults and semi spiritual cults are recruiting people by exaggeration and techniques.

Because the deviant cults aren’t legitimate, their teaching aren’t being accepted explicitly. So; in order to recruit more people, they use techniques to deceive people and achieve their aims.

The following are some deception techniques:

1) The first example of these techniques is exaggeration. Cults are exaggerating in the number of their followers. For example, if their followers are twenty thousand ones, they will introduce their followers are three hundred thousand ones in their meetings and statements.

2) They try to show themselves having a historical background. They are using old symbols and signals. For instance, Anton Lavey in the current era established contemporary Satanism cult but he used the old symbols of Satan called Baphomet to introduce his creed having 1000 years of historical background.


3) They pretend to be up-to-date and scientific. They are using scientific words and idioms. For example; in Erfan Halqeh, Muhammad Ali Taheri uses the term “scimentology, defensive radiation” and investigates cosmology and quantum physics in order to pretend to be scientific while he is in lack of these qualifications.

4) They adjust themselves with culture, religion and environment. The preachers of this school such as Mr. Azmandiyan mix theology and religion with its teachings and create superficial compatibility

5) They change their teachings with community atmosphere in order to save the followers in the cult and to recruit new members. In Erfan Halqeh sessions, Muhammad Ali Taheri clarifies that he doesn’t deal with the political issues and affairs and his activities are in the field of science, awareness and knowledge. However; after leaving Iran, he entered into the political affairs and confirmed the violent street oppositions in Iran and encouraged people to revolt.

6) They use strange and complicated words to display themselves as special.

7) They mention scientific and cultural discussions having special innovations without mentioning the name of innovator or theorician in order to make the addressee think this is the theory of the cult.